Batang Regency introduces the slogan 'Heaven of Asia'. calling for the tagline ‘Visit Batang Year 2022, Heaven of Asia’. This new tagline seems to confirm that Batang Regency deserves to be a tourist magnet in Asia. The condition of the region which is a combination of coastal areas, lowlands and mountains in Batang Regency is a huge potential to develop regional development characterized by agro-industry. agrotourism and agribusiness. The southern part of Batang Regency has the potential to be developed into a development area based on agro-industry and agrotourism. This agroindustry base refers to various types of plantation crops such as: tea, coffee, chocolate and vegetables. In addition, it also has a prospective natural tourism potential in the future because Batang Regency has two potentials at once, coastal and mountainous. Coastal with charming sea tourism as well as mountain tourism with a calm, comfortable and beautiful atmosphere.
The condition of the Batang Regency region is a combination of coastal areas, lowlands and mountains. With this condition Batang Regency has enormous potential for agro-industry, agrotourism and agribusiness. But the limited information makes tourism Regency of Batang  is not too well known among tourists, so the number of tourist visits to  Regency of Batang has not experienced a significant increase, even tends to decline. Data obtained from the Department of Tourism, Youth and Sports in the Regency of Batang, the number of tourist visits in 2016 amounted to 561,282 tourists, and 524,115 tourists in 2017. In achieving increased tourist visits to Batang Regency is needed for the use of information technology in the tourism sector, which is put in the form of electronic tourism, better known as E-Tourism. E-tourism is an application of information and communication technology in the tourism industry [1]. The description of e-tourism is a digitalization in carrying out business processes and value chains in the tourism sector, namely travel agencies, hotels, hospital and culinary.
The design of E-Tourism-based tourism development emphasizes the online ordering system. This design basically provides a sufficient picture of how E-Tourism-based tourism development systems should work, and as a reference in the development of tourism in the future [2]. Maximum implementation of E-Tourism can be an effective means of marketing tourism [3]. The development of e-tourism-based tourism, emphasizes the online ordering system. This design basically provides a sufficient picture of how e-tourism-based tourism development systems should work, it is hoped that this system can become the backbone of tourism development in the future. Based on some of these studies, it is said that the use of technology has a significant impact on the tourism industry.
Thus, the use of e-tourism in the business process has changed the value chain and strategic relations with the tourism industry and other companies. E-tourism is a concept that describes the relationship between IT and tourism. The basic concept and review of E-Tourism in Indonesia is basically a new form of concept and still has not received attention from various parties and tourism actors. E-Tourism is still seen as a part of system development that still needs to be studied further about the functions and benefits to be obtained.
Several previous studies have inspired this research, both as a reference, as a comparison and as a basis for selecting research topics. Among them are: Research conducted by Apriani & Irfan,[4] aims to create an e-tourism application that can be widely accessed by the public through a website page. The results of this study can be used as a way to promote tourism objects so as to increase tourist visits. Subsequent research conducted by Yuniati [5], Pangalila, Lumenta, & Tuturoong,[6] resulted in a geographical tourism information system becoming an interface that helps inform tourist attractions and the closest distance to their facilities so that tourists can find it easier to find information. Research conducted by Rejeki.[7] and Ardhiyani & Mulyono,[8] resulted in the design of a web-based information system to promote tourism. Web-based information systems are media that have elements of text, animated images, and sound. These elements make this media interesting. In addition, the web-based information system becomes a media that has information that is quite complete for tourists and can be seen at any time.
The difference in research that we did with the previous research was located on the object of research, and system output. At E-Tourism that will be developed here not only produces a tourism information system about tourist objects in Batang Regency, but visitors can make hotel reservations and order souvenir products online by combining E-Tourism with E-Commerce.
A number of solutions have been proposed to improve the performance of e-business services for tourism consumers to buy tourism products and tourism services [9] but the problems that exist in the current system are that marketing is still not optimal. The information provided does not cover the tourism potential in the entire Batang Regency, it is not interactive with tourists who want to get complete information about Indonesian tourism, and the information is only an object description of attractions, hotels, accommodations, but tourists cannot book accommodation and accommodation based the problem is, then the idea to maximize the use of IT in the tourism sector or often called e-tourism is to develop solutions to existing problems and put them into research entitled E-Tourism Design Trunk Heaven of Asia as Tourism Marketing Media.
Based on the formulation of the above problem, this study aims to design and develop tourism information systems (e-tourism) in the Batang Heaven of Asia as a media for pariwsiata promotion in Batang Regency. This research is expected to be able to develop knowledge in the field of marketing management and information systems especially about E-Tourism. For Batang Regency, to be used as input material and consideration as a means of promoting tourism objects in Batang Regency to be better known by tourists from outside.

Publish Proceedings of The Third International Conference on Sustainable Innovation (ICOSI 2019) ISBN No. 978-623-7054-15-3 
Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta pada tanggal 9 Sept 2019

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